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Polydroso Parnassos just 2 hours away from Athens, and 3.15 hours from Thessaloniki is considered one of the top destinations in Greece for both winter and summer where the visitor beyond relaxing moments has the opportunity to do many activities.

Polydroso has a beautiful square with plane trees in which is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin and the triple stone fountain.

With just a 20 minute walk you can reach the springs of Agia Eleousa. The location will compensate you with its natural beauty, since it is full of plane trees, with gushing waters from the springs of Boeotian Kifissos and a wonderful view of Polydroso. There you will see the ruins of the Byzantine church of Paliopanagia or Mavromantilas which was built in the 6th-7th century AD.

Polydroso and the wider area of Parnassos is offered for a variety of activities in all four seasons.


Parnassos was originally famous for skiing and snowboarding. In the Parnassos Ski Center which is only 17 km from Polydroso there are two ski areas, Kelaria and Fterolaka, which have a total of: 21 slopes and 7 ski slopes, 5 connecting trails and 4 mini slopes for beginners with babylifts.

Breathtaking landscapes! Alpine landscapes overlooking the sea, vast spruce forest, ancient monuments and the oldest National Park of Greece. Trails and routes for all tastes and possibilities. With over 100 km of marked trails, Parnassos from end to end offers the opportunity to discover it on foot.

Parnassos is considered a paradise for mountain biking. Specially designed trails and routes with a total length of over 200 km await Mountain Bike lovers.

In the enchanting environment of the National Park, but also of the alpine Parnassos, with the alternating landscapes, the experience of Mountain Bike leaves no one unmoved. Experienced and beginners will find what they are looking for.

Cycling tours with experienced guides, lessons, bike rental and equipment make the Mountain Bike in Parnassos an easy affair for everyone. Even downhill riders looking for more adrenaline will find it on special downhill routes.


The Vagonetto is the medium that will take you back in time and introduce you to the history of bauxite mining. Fokida Mining Park is located at the 51st kilometer of E.O. Lamia - Amfissa, south of Gravia. One of the galleries that had been opened for the underground exploitation of bauxite, the 850 portico, was closed in 1972 due to depletion of the mineral.

After 26 years of "silence" the gallery was transformed into a visiting place so that the public can learn the history of bauxite.

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