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The hereby Privacy Policy on the Protection of Personal Data was updated on 5 March 2020.


This Privacy Policy determines how we collect, maintain and use the personal data you may provide through this website. Please make sure that you have read the entire Privacy Policy Notification before using or submitting information on this website.

By using this website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Whenever you submit information through this website, you consent to the collection, retention and disclosure of this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal data is collected when submitted voluntarily by visitors to this website and is intended for the purpose for which it is submitted and for your requests to be responded to by the respective services.

We will not use the identifying information of the person for direct advertising (marketing) or harassing information unless you have given us permission for such use.

​Most of our services do not require any registration form, which allows you to visit our website without telling us who you are. However, some services may require registration. When you sign up with us, you may need to fill in certain fields (some are required and some are optional), as well as select a username and password. In these cases, if you choose not to provide any personal data requested by us, you may not access certain parts of the website and we may not answer your question.

Identification data are securely maintained, and we make every effort to protect such information from loss, misuse, and improper access, notification, modification, or destruction.

This website uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which is generally considered information that does not define the identity of the person; we use this to identify problems with our central computer, to display all the information, to determine the fastest route for your computer that uses the link to our website, and to manage and improve the website.

​Cookies and bookmarks (tags) can be used to facilitate the browsing of website visitors and to facilitate efficient registration processes.


​If you are worried about cookies, most browsers allow users to refuse cookies. In most cases, a visitor, although they may refuse a cookie, can browse our website in full.


In order to properly manage our website, we can anonymously record information about our operating systems, and identify visitor categories by topic, such as domains and browser types. These statistics are altogether reported to our webmasters. This is done to ensure that our website gives visitors the best web experience and that it is an effective source of information.

According to the regulations that protect personal data (access to personal data), it is an individual right that can only be exercised by the person concerned in relation to their information: for security reasons, therefore the service involved will control your identity in order to avoid any transfer of confidential information concerning a person other than you.

Links from this website may link you to websites that are not covered by this Privacy Policy and we advise you to check the Privacy Policy that these links apply, as we have no responsibility or liability for these practices.

This Website covered by this Privacy Policy has, intentionally, not been designed for children under the age of 13 without the prior consent of the person exercising parental responsibility. It is not our practice to deliberately collect or store information about any person under the age of 13.

​Recording or transmitting any illegal, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, shameful, incendiary, pornographic, sacrilegious, or any other obscene material or any material that could constitute or encourage any conduct that would be considered a criminal offense violating any law is prohibited. We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement authority or court order that requests or orders us to disclose the identity of anyone who registers such information or material.


We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time. The date of entry into force (of the Notification of the said Policy) will appear at the beginning of this. Please check it at regular intervals, and especially before providing any identifying information.

If you have any questions or concerns about our compliance with this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to make any recommendations or comments to improve the quality of Privacy Policy on the Protection of Personal Data, please send us an email at:

​This Privacy Policy Notification is governed by Greek law.




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