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Cabernet Sauvignon, Μavroudi
Protected geographical location Parnassus

The magic of the ancient land, where the cultivation of Argyriou vineyards is carried out, is demonstrated with MANTEIO (oracle). A wine produced from the local Greek variety Mavroudi and the international Cabernet Sauvignon.

Deep red color with complex aromas of red fruits and notes of chocolate, coffee and oak compose a dynamic wine.   Mature tannins and impressive density create conditions for long aging.

Winemaking / Aging

After the grapes are harvested in 15 kg cages, the healthy grapes are carefully sorted. From there they are taken to the smelter (in the absence of a crusher) and then vinified separately due to the different degree of ripeness that each variety has.  Cabernet ferments at high temperatures 26-28ºC in order to achieve the best color intensity while Mavroudi at 18-22 ° C to maintain the maximum aromatic potential of the variety. Aging in French oak barrels follows.


The soil is clayey at an altitude of 380-450 meters, with moderate texture slopes and moderate soil slopes that give good drainage.

The microclimate of the area is characterized by abundant rains and light snowfall in winter and relatively mild-cool summers. 

Manteio cabernet

Central Greece. The international variety Chardonnay and the Greek one Assyrtiko are cultivated in the vineyards of Lefkes and Anamero, respectively, in the viticultural zone of Parnassus at an altitude of 400-450 meters.

Image by jirayu koontholjinda
Gourmet Meat Dish

It is perfectly combined with Mediterranean dishes comprising of seafood appetizers or poultry and smoked cheeses.


Served at 8-10ºC.

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