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Assyrtko, Roditis, Sauvignon Blanc
Protected geographical location Parnassus

"Eros and hous" means "Love for the earth" .

Our love for the land of Parnassos made us create "Erochos". It is the first wine that was vinified on the estate in 2003 and takes its name from the ancient name of the village of Polydroso.

A wine from the marriage of the Greek varieties Assyrtiko and Roditi, and the international Sauvignon Blanc.


Light green-yellow color, soft in texture, unique aromas of citrus and fruit with a soft and elegant taste. A balanced wine with a light aftertaste.


Winemaking / Aging
After the sorting of the grapes, as far as Roditis and Assyrtiko are concerned, a direct press follows while for Sauvignon Blanc the method of pre-fermentation extraction is applied for 12 hours and then the alcoholic fermentation is done separately for each variety._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The final stage is the blending and residence of the wine in stainless steel tanks for 2 months before bottling.


Soils loamy and sloping.

Erochos white

Central Greece. The international variety Chardonnay and the Greek one Assyrtiko are cultivated in the vineyards of Lefkes and Anamero, respectively, in the viticultural zone of Parnassus at an altitude of 400-450 meters.

Image by Matthias Heil
Image by Cisco Lin

It is perfectly combined with Mediterranean dishes comprising of seafood appetizers or poultry and smoked cheeses.


Served at 8-10ºC.

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